American Ginseng Latte 1 Box (18.2g/10 Sachets)

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Break up the coffee monotony with an American Ginseng Latte!
Our grandparents would have never guessed in their day that we would be drinking such a coffee concoction. It took a hardcore and healthy coffee lover to create this one.
In your face, Starbucks!
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  • Made in the USA
  • Premium Indian Micro-Ground Coffee
  • 100% Certified High Quality American Ginseng 200mg per sachet.
  • 100% Natural (no preservatives, additives, artificial coloring or flavoring).
  • 100% Quality, Purity, Potency (made in an FDA approved facility using certified Good Manufacturing Practices).
  • A 100% Unconditional Guarantee. That means: if you are not satisfied, send it back for a full refund, which will be back in your account within 5 business days, with no questions asked. We will even pay for the return shipping.

 Not to get all sciencey on you, but ginseng contains various pharmacological components, including a series of tetracyclic triterpenoid saponins (ginsenosides), polyacetylenes, polyphenolic compounds and acidic polysaccharides.

  1. Improves mood and stress. Now that’s a cup of Joe for Monday mornings at the job!
    2. Boosts brain function for mental performance. Vital for healthy aging.
    3. Balances and maintains a healthy inflammation level for joints, heart, brain, cells. . . .
    4. It also maintains healthy blood sugar levels.
    5. For continued cellular health and immune system for seasonal challenges and outside influences.  

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Empty 1 sachet in your coffee cup, fill with 6 to 8 oz of hot water, stir and enjoy! You can also pour over ice for a delicious healthy iced ginseng latte!

Premium Indian Micro-Ground Coffee, 0.2g (200mg) American Ginseng, Non-Dairy Creamer, 10g Sugar. Caffeine Content 80mg. Expires 03/2021.

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